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I was digging for downloadmore information about my great-great-grandfather Frank Gilley (ne Tindall), when I got an unexpected name in the search results: Isabelle Tindell.

Isabelle Tindell? Who is she?

According to her death certificate, she’s my great-great-grandfather’s older sister. She was born in 1839 to Seaborn and Hannah Tindall, and died Aug. 1, 1909 in Coffee County, Ala. But that’s it. She doesn’t appear in any other records that I’ve been able to find. Yet.

But this is interesting. Until this discovery, I thought that my great-great-grandfather Frank, was the oldest of Seaborn and Hannah Tindall’s children, having been born in 1847. I also know that Frank’s parents, Seaborn and Hannah, were both born in South Carolina. This is where their likely owners, James and Cassander Tindall, were from. If I could figure out more about Isabelle, namely where she was born, that would provide a clue as to when Seaborn and Hannah were taken to Alabama.