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MosesWDobbinsLast week, I made a fascinating, but somber find. I happened upon the picture of this man, Moses W. Dobbins Jr., a Confederate veteran from Georgia.

Pause. But who is he, and what is he to you?

Evidence strongly suggests Moses. W. Dobbins Jr. owned my great-great-great-grandfather, Alfred Dobbins (born circa 1823).

This was a man who was a teacher at the University of Georgia before he moved to Stewart County, Ga. His father and namesake was an early rector of the school. Dobbins enlisted as a private in the 64th Regiment of the Georgia Infantry. After the Civil War, he returned to Stewart County, destitute. Ironically, he ended up living in the same houses of those he enslaved, including my great-great-great-grandfather.

Dobbins and his family later moved to a farm in Fulton County, Ga., where he spent the rest of this life.

Alfred Dobbins, however, remained in Stewart County. And that is where his progeny remained from the next 150 years.