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This cliffhanger never seems to end, right? So remember this? ADAHLetterAnd how I was anxious to find out its contents? Well, I tore open the envelope and searched feverishly for my great-great-grandmother’s name: Annie Nance.


Maybe Annie Cotton Nance?


OK. Maybe she got fancy and went by A.C. Nance.

No such luck. There was not a Nance to be found.

But I did see that a Claudia Tindall sold land to the government on Oct. 1, 1942. Tindall. This has to be a relative, I thought. As you may recall, my great-great-grandfather, Frank Gilley, was born Frank Tindall.Tindall_FtRucker

I immediately began searching Census records to get better acquainted with Ms. Claudia.

This was Claudia Tindall, nee Baxter– sometimes listed as Claudie. She was born in Alabama around 1889 and married Shirley Tindall (sometimes listed as Shellie). The couple had three daughters and two sons. At least two children died in infancy.

Shellie Tindall was the oldest son of Mack Tindall. Mack Tindall was great-great-grandpa Frank’s baby brother.

So yes, eminent domain did have a hand in my relatives move from Haw Ridge, but not the relatives I thought.