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Some people marry for love. Others marry for money. And others, like Henrietta Nance Clark, marry to get away from their fathers.

I was visiting one of my cousins, Vernetta Clark DeRamus, when she started chatting about her grandmother, Henrietta. Henrietta was one of my great-grandfather’s  older sisters.

According to Vernetta, Henrietta married to get away from her father. (He was a pretty mean guy, from what I’ve heard). According the marriage certificate, Henrietta married John Clark on Christmas Day 1906, at her father’s house. Her husband was some 30 years her senior.

Henrietta Nance Clark (1886-1975), one of my great-grandfather’s older sisters

They moved to Dale County, Ala., lived in Ozark and had nine children, including a set of twins.

Looking at the 1930 Census, I deduced that Henrietta wasn’t John’s first marriage. According to the document, he was 18 the first time he got married. Henrietta was 20 at the time of her first– and only– marriage.

She and John stayed married at least 25 years; in the 1940 Census, Henrietta is listed as widow. She died in 1975.