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Leave it to the Nances to provide a trail of mischief and mayhem for me to follow. I was browsing ancestry.com and noticed a database of Alabama county convict records. I figured I’d see if any of my relatives were among the incarcerated. And to my surprise, there was one of my great-grandfather’s younger brothers, Marlin, listed in a Coffee County register. It was December 1935 and he was serving a six-month term for a crime I’m not quite sure of. (That’s not commentary on his guilt or innocence– I really can’t figure out the crime. It says VCL. I have no idea what that means, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with moonshining.)


One of my great-grandfather’s younger brothers, Marlin, is among the convicts listed in this Coffee County registry. His is the last entry. He served a six-month sentence that started in December 1935. Directly above him is Macon Tindall, who I’m fairly certain was related to my great-grandmother.