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Mount Zion Cemetery in Enterprise, Ala., where my great-great-grandmother and many of her relatives are buried

During a recent fact-finding trip to Enterprise, Ala., I visited the Mount Zion Cemetery, where members of my great-grandmother’s family are buried. My great-grandmother’s parents, Frank Gilley (formerly Tindall) and Flora Brown Gilley are buried there, according to their death certificates. However, their graves either do not have headstones or were damaged when vandals desecrated the cemetery a few years ago.

But to my surprise, I found the grave of Seaborn Tindel (1853-1932), who was one of Frank Gilley’s brothers. Next to him were the graves of his wife, Ella, and

Here lies Seaborn and Ella Tindel, and three of their children, Elijah, Lula and Henry. Seaborn was a brother of my great-great-grandfather, Frank Gilley

three of their children, Elijah (1890-1973), Lula (1902-1996) and Henry (1894-1956).

I found the final resting places of some other Tindel cousins, including Ernest Tindel, who, according to the grave marker, was a World War I veteran.

The faded inscriptions on some of the headstones made it impossible to determine who was resting where, but it appeared that quite a few of the Tindels were buried together.

A group of Browns are buried along the back fence of the cemetery. My great-great-grandmother’s maiden name was Brown, so I think it’s safe to assume that the Browns I discovered were also her relatives. I haven’t been able to identify her parents, but I know that she had two brothers, Bud and Charley.

But know that I know some names of likely relatives, I may have some extra clues to what Flora Brown was doing before she became Flora Gilley…