The 2011 Nance Family Reunion was great! We laughed, we sang, and even revived the Nance Olympics, a family tradition of team games (e.g., tug of war, sack races and the egg race).

The highlight for me, however, was presenting the research my cousin Renetta and I have been doing so far. We put together a PowerPoint presentation that displayed everything we knew about the Nance family up until 2009. We then shared with our family the information we found through public records and further probing of our elders.

The best thing about this presentation was that it jogged memories. My cousin Benjel, who spent a LOT of time with his grandfather (who is my great-grandfather, James Evan Nance), told us that as a child, he was shown the exact spot where my great-great-grandfather, Henry Nance, died. My Aunt Madie shared more about our Tindall relatives and we found out that a few of our cousins know how to get to the cemetery where some of our ancestors are buried.

So, that said, I’m diving back into research. Stay tuned.